My name is Jacob. As of the start of this blog I am a graduate student in the Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media Program at North Carolina State University. I enjoy baseball and football, television and movies. I’ve started this in order to document my plan to watch every episode of every story of every season of Dr. Who. I know there are over 200 stories, so it’ll take me a while.


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  1. 15.January.10 at 8:02 pm

    I just came across your blog today, and read the entire thing. I hope you keep up your project through to the end. It’s very fascinating to see what these old episodes look like through fresh eyes.

  2. 2 jacob1480
    15.January.10 at 9:50 pm


    Thanks! I’m glad people are interested. I actually viewed your blog yesterday, it was automatically generated by wordpress as being related. I like that your reviews are straight to he point. Although I was disappointed to find you didn’t think District 9 holds up to multiple viewings. I’ve only seen it once, though, so maybe I’ll end up agreeing. Thanks for visiting!


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About These Adventures

This blog exists to document my trip through over 30 seasons of the British science fiction television show Dr. Who. Prior to beginning, I had never seen a single episode of Dr. Who and will be learning the show's mythology and experiencing it all for the first time. I began sometime in July of 2009. Hopefully it doesn't take me over 30 years to reach the end.

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