Break in the Action

As I watched the reconstructed episodes of The Crusade and looked forward to the large number of missing episodes in the near future, I found myself discouraged. It’s kind of painful to watch them and difficult to stay motivated. How much Dr. Who can a person watch? Especially when it’s just audio over 5 or 6 repeated still images…

In short, I started to realize the enormity of this task. And I knew there would be times when I really didn’t want to continue. But, dammit, I’m committed. If I can’t complete a mission to watch 30 years of a television show, what can I do? I am still really looking forward to the rest of the show. This portion of it is just particularly difficult to plow through.

With that in mind, I am taking a short Dr. Who hiatus. I will get back to the action in a couple of weeks after the semester has ended, my brain is rested, and the TARDIS no longer feels like huge weight I’ve tied to my own ankle.


2 Responses to “Break in the Action”

  1. 1 Jules
    6.December.09 at 9:59 am


    I’m not sure I mentioned this earlier – but I really admire your endeavour to watch it in chronological order; it is inevitable that there will be periods that your patience will be tested and this will not be the first time; if you get to season 20 onwards, you will be scratching your head then (probably on a constant basis).

    If you really get to the point where you feel you cannot continue, then I’d advise checking out one of the stories from season 15 (the Golden Age); see the level of promise in store and return to the chronology if possible.

    I’d love to comment more – but I am afraid of unintentionally spoiling and I have not seen that many Hartnell stories. Certainly from season 6 onwards, I’ll have more freedom to comment.

    But what I will say is this: there are a few really good stories coming up in the following seasons; I have already mentioned Time Meddler; Mind Robber, The Invasion and The War Games are all great, but I think they’re around seasons 5/6. Unfortunatly, many of the stories from season 4-5 have been lost – so it’s hard to know how good they were.

    In any case, love your recaps and keep up the good work!

    • 2 jacob1480
      6.December.09 at 12:56 pm


      Thanks for the encouragement! I believe the Time Meddler is coming soon, it’s one I’m looking forward to. I’ll keep in mind checking out a later story now and then, but I’m pretty determined to go in order. I don’t even watch commercials for the current version on BBC America. Ha! Thanks for the comments, it’s good to know someone is reading.


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This blog exists to document my trip through over 30 seasons of the British science fiction television show Dr. Who. Prior to beginning, I had never seen a single episode of Dr. Who and will be learning the show's mythology and experiencing it all for the first time. I began sometime in July of 2009. Hopefully it doesn't take me over 30 years to reach the end.

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