Story 003: The Edge of Destruction

This story was a waste. It was the first one that I haven’t really enjoyed. The drama was alright, I suppose, but the basis of the plot was completely ridiculous. A button gets stuck so the TARDIS keeps banging against the beginning of time like a toy robot against the wall? A sticky spring in the most advanced piece of technology in the universe? If that’s not absurd enough, the TARDIS doesn’t actually tell the travellers that it’s banging it’s head on the wall. It makes them A) sleep a lot and B) go insane. Oh, and melts the clocks. I know that melting clocks is always an indication of certain doom, why didn’t they recognize it sooner? Thank goodness it only took two episodes.

Two episodes…of Susan trying to stab everyone in sight for no well-explained reason. That was a bit odd. Of Ian trying to strangle the Doctor. Also odd. Lots of blaming, lots of yelling. And then, when Barbara spots the melted clock she screams. Enough screaming already! Whenever either of the women sense danger, they scream at the top of their lungs. It needs to stop. Even if the screaming wasn’t annoying enough, why did she scream at a melted clock? One time, I thought I could pop regular popcorn in the microwave, so I put it in a plastic bowl. 10 minutes later I had a bowl full of unpopped kernels and a melted bowl. It was no longer such an attractive bowl, but I was not terrified by the site of it. Terrified by the thought of my parents’ reaction to the melted bowl, maybe. But scream-worthy terrified at the site of something that was melted? Not so much.

And, of course, the melted clock made it immediately obvious to the Doctor what was happening. Bingo-bango, fix the spring, everyone’s happy and off we go. The Doctor, in a rare moment of compassion, apologizes to Barbara for his psychosis. As far as I’m concerned he’s the only one that doesn’t need to apologize. He accuses Ian and Barabara of sabotaging the TARDIS, which wouldn’t be so smart for them, but it makes sense since they were kidnapped. I didn’t notice Susan apologizing for trying to kill everyone or Ian for his strangling episode.

The best thing about this story is that it’s only two episodes.

Question: Does the TARDIS ever get an improved fault reporting system? Like a flashing red light labeled “Banging head against the edge of time”? Anything is better than melting clocks.


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